Protecting your business is just as crucial as protecting your home as you need to ensure the safety of people, resources, and information. The first step to protecting your business is to keep the business space safe and secure. The valuable things that are at risk in case of an accident, such as information, money, and people need to be continuously monitored and kept safe.

There are various ways to ensure that your business protected such as hiring a security guard, 24/7 monitoring, or investing in a trusted security system. Though all options are viable, investing in a trusted security system is the most efficient and effective way to keep your business protected.

The following are the top three products that you need to install to keep your business space and everything inside of it safe and secure.

1. Intrusion Detection

This system is one of the most important tools as it has a dual benefit; it warns off the intruder to prevent further damage from happening, with the use of an alarm and alerts you and the security company that there is an intruder. The intrusion detection uses sensors to detect and prevent theft, property damage, vandalism, and any other harmful acts caused by an intrusion. Intrusion detection also protects and alarms you for potential events within life safety and property damage categories.

There are many sensor options depending on the type and amount of protection you require. Some of the most common intrusion detection sensors are motion detectors, smoke detectors, and freezing or flooding detectors. All of these sensors will immediately warn you and the security company that there is an emergency at your place of business.

2. Access Control

Access control is a great resource for large businesses or a business that shares an office space. The most common way that access control is used is with an employee card reader. A card reader can determine who has access to the building or areas within it. Depending on the status of the employee or type of card they have, you are able to control their areas of access. Not only will this internally protect you from controlling employee access to information, but it will also prevent an external person from entering the building/office space and gaining access to your business as the doors will not open without a registered card.

3. Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system is an excellent tool for both inside and outside of your business property. It acts as a system for monitoring what is happening during and after office hours. Also, video surveillance is a great secondary tool for preventing an intrusion. In the event of a break-in, the video surveillance system will allow you to determine who the intruder was and where they caused damage. The recorded video will also allow you to verify alarms from your alternate security systems in the case of a mistaken alarm.

Along with the security benefit of a video surveillance system, there are many innovative options within this system that can give you access to information for research and analysis if desired.

Whether you have your own office building or share a space with multiple offices, you need to protect your business and its assets. Investing in a commercial security system and implementing various security tools is the best way to keep your business safe at all times. There are many benefits that come with investing in a security system with a company you trust. Some of these benefits include continuous monitoring, installation and adjustment support, and immediate notification in case of emergency. Your business, building, and employees deserve the safety that a security system can provide.

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