Many businesses use paper shredding companies; some do to be compliant with privacy laws while others also use a shredding company out of sheer convenience. Paper shredding companies can shred huge amounts of paper documents in a very short amount of time, and usually at an affordable price. Here’s how using a paper shredding service will save you time and money while you follow privacy regulations.

1. Time Management

Companies that shred paper can do so on- or off-site. On-site shredding comes to you via a truck-mounted shredder. You can watch the whole process, which doesn’t take much time at all. Some mobile shredders can take care of 75 boxes of paper in as little as half an hour. This is the equivalent of 146,000 sheets of paper! Companies that offer off-site shredding will transport your paperwork to a warehouse where large machines will shred the documents. The only time the company is on your property is to load the truck with the documents you want them to shred.

In-house shredding, where you do it yourself, takes a lot longer. A typical shredder that you buy can shred around 4000 sheets every half hour, but the machine will need a 20-minute break after running for 10 minutes. It would take a very long time to shred the same amount of paper a shredding truck can accomplish in 30 minutes.

It doesn’t make sense to pay an employee for all the hours he or she would need to shred the same amount of paper. The numbers don’t add up; it simply makes sense to hire a shredding company to shred your documents on a regular basis. This will save you time, production, and your employees will enjoy an increase in efficiency.

2. Documentation of Compliance

Professional shredding services have a set of practices they follow on every shredding job to ensure no one sees your documents. If you want full control over the process, have a company come and shred on-site, and watch how the documents are handled from beginning to end.

Off-site shredding also offers secure shredding. A chain of command is followed every step of the way. Most companies offer recording of each step of the process from the time they leave your business until they go into the shredder.

The business will issue a certificate of compliance once the shredding service is complete. This is a document that most companies will keep to prove that all files and records were disposed of properly, which can protect your business in the event of a lawsuit or investigation/audit.

3. Sustainability Practices

Paper shredding can help your company be more environmentally friendly. Certified shredding companies recycle the shredded product. One ton of shredded paper that is used in recycled paper can save 17 trees. One ton of paper is around 200,000 sheets, or 105 boxes of documents you have waiting to shred.

4. Costs

If you have 75 boxes to shred throughout the year, it would cost between $500 and $700 to hire an on-site shredding company. If you had an employee do it all, you would pay him or her many times that in worked hours to shred the same amount of paper.

If you would prefer the company to come on a monthly basis, you will pay around $120 a month for an on-site service to shred three 65-gallon bins of paper. If you prefer to drop off your documents at the off-site company, it will cost around $40 for them to shred four banker’s boxes worth of documents. If you want them to shred it off-site, and want them to pick it up from your business, you’ll pay anywhere between $225 and $300 to have them pick up and shred 16 standard file boxes filled with documents.

The cost to hire a shredding service is reasonable and saves your employees a lot of time and hassle. There are many benefits to hiring a shredding company to take care of your shredding needs.

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