Commercial litigation lawyers are specialized in finding solutions for conflicts that involve businesses. Besides the obvious outcome of having professional help solving the dispute, commercial litigation lawyers have lots of other benefits to offer, but before hiring one, it is important to have a basic knowledge of what they’re all about and what you should be looking for.

1. When to hire a commercial litigation lawyer

These specialized lawyers should be brought in when a company is involved in some sort of legal conflict. It is best to bring them in at the beginning of the conflict, no matter how well you expect the negotiations to go.

Don’t assume you are fine without a lawyer. Having someone involved from the beginning means they will know the ins and outs of the situation, and not have to be filled in later, running the risk of missing details. Even if you think you will be able to resolve a business conflict on your own, assess the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer, it may be worth it.

2. Why hire this type of lawyer?

Commercial litigation lawyers can help find a solution for a dispute quickly, so that both parties can move on. Wasting lots of time in conflict can put a hold on your business’ resources, so having it solved quickly is crucial.

Having someone to take care of the legal side of things means you are able to put your energy into running the business, not worrying about legal conflicts.

These lawyers can also make sure everything is done right, and that your business is getting its best possible outcome. If you move ahead without a lawyer, you could be doing your business a disservice, wasting time, and putting the business at risk of being on the disadvantageous side of the final deal.

3. Finding a good commercial litigation lawyers

It’s hard to sift through the good and the bad sometimes, but there are some signs to look out for that can tip you off that you are hiring a real pro.

Find someone with experience. You want someone who knows what they’re talking about and has been through the processes before.

Find someone who speaks your language, meaning someone who can explain confusing legalese and not leave you guessing on what exactly is going on.

Find someone who isn’t overloaded. It’s great to be everyone’s hero, but a lawyer who is too busy to take care of your case when you need help is a zero. Commercial disputes can’t wait, they need to be taken care of promptly, so make sure your lawyer is able to handle that.

4. Where to start your search

With technology today, there are a ton of different ways to locate a good commercial litigation lawyer. Nothing beats the human element though. Ask around, people you know will be sure to tell you if they had a good or bad experience with a certain lawyer.

Ask other lawyers. In addition to asking people who may have needed a lawyer, other lawyers you may have worked with may know somebody or be able to give you tips on who to avoid, even if that isn’t their area of specialization.

Find a local directory. Often there will be a directory of lawyers in the community which you can look through to find the ones that specialize in commercial litigation.

When you think you’ve found a good match, make sure to have a quick phone conversation with them before you meet. In just 15 minutes you should get a good feel for their style, and whether it will fit for you and your company.

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