As humans, our environment has a fundamental influence on our emotions and mental state. It’s important to create a warm and welcoming home environment since it’s the place where you go to recover. Your home’s environment also affects how guests feel when paying a visit.

A common misunderstanding is that you have to be willing to pay a lot of money to redecorate your house. The truth is, a few changes in strategic areas will make a significant impact on your decor. Use these tips to help change up your decor!

1. Rotate Your Art & Houseplants

Rotating your accent pieces is an excellent way to change your decor for free. Keeping your furniture, paintings, and plants in the same place all the time makes your room feel old. Get creative with how you display the pieces that influence your decor.

Consider mounting your TV to create more space in your living room. You don’t always have to design your living room around your TV. You can use other centerpieces such as fireplaces or center tables to organize your room around and create a unique feeling.

Another way to keep your decor fresh is to add accents to your existing fixtures. Decorative window film, couch covers, and new center tables can help rejuvenate your home. Stained glass panels are an excellent addition that transforms the way your home looks when the sun is shining.

2. Invest In New Patio Furniture

New patio furniture is an excellent way to upgrade your outdoor area. Patio furniture left to the elements can get pretty grimy and become a drag on your decor over time. Outfitting your patio area with the right type of furniture will make entertaining in your backyard a breeze.

When looking for new patio furniture, look for items that come with built-in storage. Getting a bench with a storage lid allows for additional seating while giving you room to store your outdoor utilities.

One way to make your patio furniture last is to buy aluminum furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is lightweight, sturdy and rustproof which means you can leave it outside. Aluminum also comes in many styles and color varieties which make it easy to match the rest of your decor. Aluminum patio furniture is an excellent low maintenance choice.

3. Find Areas To Add Extra Lighting

Extra lighting is always a great way to liven up a room. Changing the type or color of the lights in a room can singlehandedly change the entire environment. Try experimenting with adding more lights or less light.

Another way to upgrade your decor with lights is to try different light fixtures. Certain light fixtures can act as attractive pieces that complement your decor. Light fixtures can also change how light is displayed in your home, often creating a cool effect and intriguing shadows.

LED strip lights are another inexpensive way to upgrade your decor. LED strip lights are often used under countertops in kitchens or around certain furniture items in offices. These strips vary in color and help you create an intriguing low light atmosphere, perfect for watching movies or as a nightlight.

4. Consider A Deeper Coat Of Paint

If you have pale colored walls, you’ll immediately notice the difference a new coat of paint can make. Painting your walls bold colors helps create different emotions depending on the color. Pink and orange rooms create happiness, while blues, browns, and greens have a calming affect.

Using a deep, bold color in your home helps to create a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Dark browns, burgundy, and navy blue are examples of welcoming colors. Even painting a single wall can create a bold contrast that transforms the look and feel of your home.

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