We all know how important it is to recycle. People all over the world are doing it. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is something that is drummed into us at an early age so that kids learn the importance of using recycling containers. They learn about saving the planet and caring for the environment and this is a good thing. Let’s take a closer look at what some of the best benefits are when it comes to recycling.

1. Reduction In Landfill Size

By recycling, we can all play a part in reducing the size of the landfill and at the same time, reduce the strain on the environment. To achieve this, we can learn to reuse material in a productive way. As the population grows, landfills are going to be strained to the maximum. This can lead to pollution and possibly other health-related concerns. The time to act is now.

2. It Offers Job Opportunities

The recycling industry offers jobs to thousands of people since recycling has so many departments involved in the whole process. Trash needs to be sorted based on certain criteria and some of this will need to be sent elsewhere for further processing and treatment. It needs many pairs of eyes and hands and as the need grows more, more people will have to be employed.

3. Reduction In Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By composting and recycling, we can play a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The waste being burned in incinerators is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Any reduction would be considered a small victory.

4. Getting Some Cash Back

If you take some of your recyclables to a recycling depot, you can get some cash back. By helping to recycle, it’s nice to have a little money get back to you for these efforts. You can receive cash back for many things, including glass bottles, aluminum cans and electronics.

5. Help Bring Communities Together

Recycling can help bring communities together. A community can help organize regular recycling days but not just for recycling. They can organize a day where they also pick up rubbish lying about or collecting as a result of irresponsible individuals and also from acts of nature like the wind.

By picking up rubbish, the community gets together to form teams and friendship, clean up the community so it looks more beautiful and help reduce any health hazards from rotting garbage. They can then have another team take the recyclables to the depot and donate any money raised to charity or to schools or colleges. You never know, perhaps those responsible for causing the rubbish in the first place may turn over a new leaf.

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