Hard water isn’t unsafe but its definitely costing you more. Hard water is full of microscopic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur that buildup inside your pipes. Mineral buildup in your appliances reduces the efficiency of your hot water tank, toilet, shower and any other device that uses water. This blog post looks at five different reasons you should invest in a water softener.

1. Soft Water Will Save You Money

Reducing mineral buildup in your pipes and appliances saves you money and makes your devices last longer. One of the most common places for mineral buildup is in your hot water tank. Calcium and other minerals are terrible heat conductors and end up causing your tank to use more energy to achieve the same effect. When you run soft water through your hot water tank there’s no calcium build up for it to fight against. Soft water helps your appliances use an efficient amount of energy and keep your monthly costs down.

2. Soft Water Allows Your Appliances To Last Longer

Your plumbing and appliances take a beating when you run hard water through them. The scale buildup left behind by hard water reduces the lifespan of your appliances and causes them to use more energy. When you run soft water through your appliances, cleaning becomes a much easier task. Soft water reacts more favorably with soap and creates lots of suds to wash away bacteria. Since soft water doesn’t leave behind mineral build up, your appliances won’t require in-depth cleanings as often.

3.  Your Glassware And Dishes Will Last Longer

Those spots on your glasses and forks can easily be avoided by using soft water. Getting rid of hard water stains is a serious pain and difficult task. Using soft water in your dishwasher makes your dish detergent more effective and less abrasive on your dishes.

4. Your Skin And Hair Will Become Healthier

A lot of us struggle with taking care of our hair, and the solution to our problems may be in our water. The minerals in hard water dry out your hair and cause it to feel dull and brittle. Even with the best hair products, hard water still has a negative impact on your scalp and hair. Your skin also suffers from hard water which makes it look and feel damaged. Using soft water on your skin has been shown to help you avoid minor skin issues such as eczema. Soft water helps your body protect your skin from irritants that can cause problems.

In addition to your hair and skin, hard water also has a negative effect on your clothes. Hard water leaves behind a lot of mineral buildup on your clothes that make it hard for soap to cut through. The minerals make your clothes fade faster and still appear dirty despite just coming out of the wash. Soft water helps your clothes last longer and prevents strong colors from fading with each wash.

5. Water Softeners Pay For Themselves Within 2-4 Years

Even if you invest in a top of the line water softener, you’ll see your money back in as little as four years. Installing softeners helps you save money in multiple areas such as using less soap and paying less for repairs and maintenance. Water softeners help you decrease your monthly bills and increase the efficiency of your appliances.

Any plumber can help you install a water softener system. The earlier you get your system, the faster you can save money. Water softener systems are especially important if you have steel pipes. Steel pipes are particularly susceptible to the minerals in hard water and require consistent repair. Investing in a water softener is an excellent way to reduce your overall costs for utilities.

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