When you are looking to ship a product to a customer, one of the main things that you should be considering is how you package your product. There are several things to consider here. The first is that you need to package to be functional and designed in such a way that the product that the consumer has purchased will arrive intact. The second thing to bear in mind is that you may want some custom design for the creative packaging to make your brand stand out.

Anything is possible here. As long as your packaging protects the contents, you can think big about how you want your box design to look.

Mistakes in the packaging process are usually down to choosing the wrong materials or using them incorrectly. Failure to ensure that a product arrives at the customer’s door intact and presentable can have a harmful effect on the reputation of your business. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes that occur when packaging products and how you can avoid them.

1. Excessive materials

This is a common mistake that many new businesses make when packing goods for shipment. The use of too much packaging can not only be wasteful, but costly too. This can be anything from using too much tape to secure the box or excess stuffing material such as styrofoam. There are much more cost-effective alternatives such as air pillows that will allow you to significantly reduce the amount that you spend on packaging and also take less time to pack each box.

2. The shipping instructions are not clear

This may seem like an obvious one, but there is a great need to make the shipping destination and return address clear for the consumer. Also, you need to make it obvious that the package if from your company. Just think about how Amazon does this with the simple use of their logo and branded tape. This will ensure that your package arrives at the desired destination and that once it does, the recipient will know what it is and receive it without question.

3. Too many flyers

Even though it is best practice to include some sort of marketing flyer into the package, you don’t want to overdo it. This can cause delays in packaging times as these flyers need to be individually placed in each box. It may seem like it takes only a second or two, but when you multiply that by your daily shipping numbers it adds up and slows down the whole process.

4. Using the wrong size of box

For your product, you want to use a box that is just the right size. Not too big and not too small. The best thing to do is to have a box built to custom dimensions. This will allow you to not only save money as you will not be shipping boxes that are too big as well as free up storage space in your warehouse.

5. Not making them easy to return

You want to make sure that your customers can use the package to return the product easily. Nothing makes customers more comfortable buying online than a clear and fair return policy. For this reason, you want a box that can be easily opened without damaging it. This is so that the consumer can easily close it back up and return it as per your return policy. If the box needs to be ripped apart to open it, you may find many customers complaining that when they come to return it the need to purchase a box from out of their own pocket. This is a bad customer experience and you can’t be sure that the product will be protected well on the delivery back to your warehouse.

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