Whether it’s at work or at home, you want to keep the place secure and safe. One way of doing this is to have good locks in place. There are different kinds of security locks available and there is always one that is right for you, if not several.

To install them, always have an expert locksmith take care of it for you. They can also offer lots of other advice in maintaining security. Let’s take a look at some of the various security locks for your home or business needs.

1. Key Locks


There are many key locks available and some of them offer better security than others. You don’t really need the same kind of lock on your bedroom door as your main door. The lock on the main door of your home or your place of work is the most important one. Deadbolt locks are very effective locks and can help in preventing burglars from getting in. A double cylinder model is a heavy duty deadbolt lock which requires a key for both sides of the door. For a double deadbolt, make sure that a key is kept close at hand in case of an unexpected emergency.

2. Keycard Locks

A keycard is about the size of a credit card that’s capable of storing digital information. When the door mechanism accepts the card information, it then disengages the lock. This kind of system can be found in hotels but in many other places of business as well. They allow quick access and tend to be safer than key locks. Access codes can be changed to maintain security. One advantage of this system is that any changes to the secret code does not require the use of any tools unlike conventional locks. However, these cards can be demagnetized and chip cards can be hacked.

3. Code Locks


Many commercial buildings use code locks and it is quite a popular system with individuals as well. The advantage of this system is that there is no need to use a key or carry a key about, with the possibility of losing it. Another cool feature is that each user can have their own specific code. If you had someone who had access to a code and they no longer worked there, you can simply disable that particular code, so that person will no longer have access to the premises. You need to make sure that you remember your code always, especially if you change it often, or you will not have access to your own place!

4. Biometric Locks

Normally, biometric locks are used for high-security and restricted areas. Over the years, it has been used for protecting homes as well. These special and futuristic locks have the ability to scan retinas, use voice recognition and read fingerprints, although fingerprints have also been shown to have some vulnerability attached to it.

5. Panic Locks

These locks are basically used during emergencies, particularly in public buildings for emergency exits. They are normally like a sidebar that you push to get out despite the door being securely locked on the outside.

A trained locksmith can not only install secure locks properly, but they can also tell if the doorframe or supporting door has a problem. They can do an excellent and professional job, so make sure to hire an experienced and reputable locksmith for your special needs.


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