A functioning exhaust fan is a vital part of every property. However, this mechanism often goes unnoticed, until it is too late. When this is not working, it puts the building and its inhabitants at serious risk. An ill functioning exhaust is not only a fire hazard, but it can lead to numerous health and safety concerns.

So, if you’re unsure why your business needs an exhaust fan, or what damages it can cause. Read on to understand the importance of maintaining the commercial exhaust fans in your building.

1. Smells

No one like to hang around in areas where there are unpleasant, or uncomfortable smells. This is especially true in the kitchen and bathroom, where the smells tend to be the strongest. Not only can this be an annoyance to employees, but it is embarrassing when customers have to deal with it. Strong odors may even drive clients away thinking you do not keep a clean business.

To eliminate these odors, it is imperative that you have a working exhaust. This is because the fan works to draw the air out and replace it. This constant ventilation will ensure that even the most unpleasant of smells removed. This is especially needed in rooms with little to no ventilation at all.  Otherwise, these smells will linger and leave a bad impression on all your clients.

2. Fumes

We’ve all have to deal with strong smelling fumes from time to time, but having them linger can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Strong chemical fumes that are left in the air can be caused by such common items as cleaning agents or paints. But, if your building’s ventilation system is not properly functioning, having these harsh chemicals linger can affect your workers and customers. Breathing in these heavy fumes can lead to lung damage, respiratory issues, and even allergic reactions.

You will also be putting the most vulnerable members of society at risk such as the elderly, small children, and those with current lung issues. To avoid this from happening, do frequent maintenance checks of your exhausts to ensure they are properly functioning.

3. Grease

Grease fires are a concerning and harsh reality that many business owners deal with. This is especially true if you own a restaurant. But, having a properly installed, and working exhaust can help to mitigate the damage and occurrence of such a disaster. This is because, the exhaust will work to replace the air in a room.

If there is any airborne grease that is flammable, the exhaust will easily pull it out. Plus, it will help to clear the room of smoke buildup while cooking. Overall, resulting in a more pleasant, and safe work environment.

4. Humidity

One of the main reasons why you want to ensure your exhausts are working, is to eliminate the humidity levels in your property. If the air in a room is not being replaced, and it has moisture caught in it, then the water will be left sitting. Sitting moisture can lead to costly repairs around the entire property. This un treated water can lead to peeling wallpaper, damaged paint, warped drywall, and even mold buildup.

5. Mitigate Mold Spreading

If your property has unfortunately been affected by mold, not having a working exhaust can actually cause more damage. This is because, the mold spores will be left floating around in the air. But, an exhaust will work to eliminate the spores from the air. In turn, slowing its growth rate and mitigating damage until you are able to call in a professional to fix the issue.

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