Fall arrest anchors can be one of the more important aspects of maintaining proper safety while dealing with the heights of window washing or building maintenance. The roof anchor will make sure you are as secure as possible, and the fall arrest will offer you the additional protection form that.

It may be a simple piece of equipment, but it can support over 1000 pounds. Even if there might be a sudden surge, the anchors are designed to bend, without fracturing or detaching. Fall arrest anchors will be able to work with other equipment, and make sure workers get the protection they need to get the job done.

1. No standardized layout

One thing to take into account with fall arrest anchors is that there is no standardized layout for all pieces of equipment. Every building with have their own unique conditions, and a fall arrest anchor will have to be designed around those conditions. With this, you will be able to know that you are protected for that particular building. You want to be able to perform your duties without any obstacles, and a fall arrest anchor will be made in a way to accommodate all that is needed for the given situation, keeping your employees protected at all times.

2. Get design services

Given that there is no standardized layout for fall arrest anchors, you will be able to get design services, that will make sure you get the product you need for your given situation. They will provide the design, details and specifications, to make sure you understand exactly what you are going to need for your fall arrest anchor. There will be technical representatives available to help you make sure you are getting your employees the protection that is needed for any given project.

3. Not always standalone equipment

Depending on your situation, the fall arrest anchor may not strictly be a standalone piece of equipment. There are many situations where it will need to be integrated into other equipment. A fall arrest anchor can be compatible with davits, horizontal lifelines, rigging sleeves and outrigger beams. Different projects may require different forms of equipment, and that must be taken into consideration while integrating a fall arrest anchor. There will be many different functions or uses that may involve a fall arrest anchor and it is crucial to know how it can be compatible with other necessary equipment.

4. Different kinds of support

With a fall arrest anchor, you will be getting different kinds of support. You want to get as much protection as possible, and that will include support for an independent lifeline, as back-tie for outriggers and other similar equipment and as support for bosun’s chair. A fall arrest anchor will make sure you can get the support and protection that is necessary for all the different situations that you might be in. Making sure you have the proper support in your situation must always be a priority with window washing and building maintenance.

5. Make protection the priority

With window washing and building maintenance, protection has to be the number one priority with any equipment. Fall arrest anchors are the most crucial aspect of that protection and should always be the most important priority when dealing with this kind of equipment. The employees need to be assured that their well-being is not at risk under any kind of situations. They need to know that the necessary weight will be supported, and that the actual equipment will be perfectly suited to the building being worked on. Fall arrest anchors are the best way to give the employees everything they need to be feel protected while doing their work.

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