Email lead generation is a lot simpler a concept than most people realize. There are many things you can do to set you and your company up for success in your customers’ inboxes. Start with these simple email lead generation tips and see where they take you. A higher return on investment is in your near future – we know it!

1. Subject Line

The key to creating an attractive, valuable subject line is to not come across as desperate or spammy while still delivering your point to the customer. The subject line can easily be dismissed among companies, but it has so much importance. The first five words of the subject line in an email campaign are what the consumer sees first in most email inboxes, whether it be Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or otherwise.

Not to mention, the right subject line also has the potential to deliver you great SEO value across the Web. Think cleverly about what you want to tell your customers, but also consider the relevance of your subject line in association with your content blurbs within the body of the email when it comes to generating valuable email leads.

2. Clean Design

The eye is the biggest critic of any company’s email campaigns. If you have a clean, attractive design, people are much more likely to continue opening it after you send your first email blast. However, if it is full of clutter, is off-brand, and is just genuinely discombobulated, you are losing consumers fast.

High-quality images should also be used to generate effective email leads. You don’t have to subscribe to a high-end stock photo site to be successful either, as there are many attractive free stock photo services on the Web that can help you make your email campaigns all the more qualitative.

3. Engaging Content

This is one big duh, or, at least, it should be. People have short attention spans, so creating short, simple blurbs that are clever and engaging is essential in keeping your customers opening your emails, even with forwarding it to others that may be interested. Set yourself up for success with email lead generation when you spend thoughtful time creating your email blurbs. Be simple, but spectacular.

4. Incentives

Does your company partner with other brands in the area or have ideas about how to give things away to promote the business? Include these things in your email campaigns! People are much more likely to click on an email campaign that involves the possibility of them winning something rather than not. From there, you can redirect them to a social media campaign that furthers your objective to become more visible as a brand across the Web. Win, win!

5. Calls to Action

Be very specific about how you word your “end phrases” in your content blocks. If you leave readers without a call to action, what are they to do? People like to be told what something is. Authenticity and transparency are crucial with reaching the modern customer and generating valuable email leads.

Do your best to drive success when you carefully consider all of these elements and you will be on your way to creating more effective email marketing campaigns that enable lead generation in your company’s near future.

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