Sales team members are the lifeblood of an organization. They help companies build their organization and reach out to qualified customers across the marketplace. It’s critical that your sales team comprises the most talented professionals in the local industry. That’s part of the reason so many growing firms are now working with sales recruiters to locate and attract the best of the best in the sales industry. In this latest post, we’ll go over the process for choosing sales recruiters for your business.

1. What questions to ask?

First and foremost, it’s important to know the types of questions that you should ask when working with a sales recruiter. These questions should include the following:

  • How many years has your company been operating in the recruitment industry?
  • What is the timeline for the hiring process?
  • Do you have experience working with high volume recruitment?

2. What challenges are there?

In choosing their sales recruiters, many companies face a number of obstacles within the process. For example, they might find that the company is unable to complete the work to the required timeline. Or they might find that the company is unable to complete the requisite hires in-line with the budget for the recruitment work. It’s important to discuss the challenges your company faces with your prospective recruiter before moving forward. Make sure the recruiter has a clear strategy for overcoming each of these challenges and that they’re equipped to ensure a seamless recruitment process.

3. Who will be responsible?

One of the foremost considerations to make when choosing sales recruiters for your firm is to determine which stakeholders within the company will be responsible for the recruiting process. It’s important to speak with these individuals directly to find out more on their work and their understanding of your unique needs within the hiring process. Often companies make the mistake of completing a deal with a company only to find the company leaves the process in the hands of inexperienced team members. Talk to the recruitment team directly and find out more on their qualifications and their understanding of the marketplace.

4. Which technology is required?

Make sure that when choosing and working with a sales recruiter, you provide a clear understanding on the technology that will be required within the role. For example, the company’s CRM system should be discussed during the recruitment phase to find qualified and talented sales individuals that understand how to harness CRM data within their sales strategies.

5. The recruitment network

When speaking with sales recruiters, make sure they have access to a comprehensive network of candidates from which to select. There are a number of benefits for the company already having this type of network. For example, it will ensure that they can consolidate the time involved for the recruitment process, as they will be able to look up qualified candidates fitting the role and then contact them directly. It will also ensure they have already completed the background work on each candidate. This will help to save time in researching the sales professional’s capabilities and qualifications.

6. Ask about the interview process

When hiring sales recruiters, make sure that you have a say at the interview stage. Ensure that you’re given some form of control over the interview and that a member of your team can ask questions of the candidate. This will help ensure the ideal candidate is found based on the requirements your company needs within the working role.

It’s the ideal time to begin hiring sales recruiters for open positions within your firm. To learn more on this important topic, call us directly.

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