In choosing to partner with an employment agency within the job search process, it’s important that you try to find a company that is able to help you find a meaningful position in the workforce. This will then help to motivate you as you move forward within your career. To get you started towards your successful transition to the employment market, we’re highlighting 6 tips for working with an employment agency in this latest post.

1. Review the Agency Carefully

Not all agencies offer you value for your investment in their services. While they might provide a service that is renowned in the marketplace, they might not provide the right value for your needs. Make sure that you speak with a representative from the agency before you move forward in choosing their services. Ask them more about the types of opportunity that will be available to you and determine whether you can gain access to your chosen career path through their services.

2. Maintain Contact with the Company Throughout

One of the main mistakes job seekers make in working with employment agencies is that they don’t maintain contact with the company during their search. They only have contact with their agency every few weeks. And this might mean that they miss out on opportunities that could be available on short notice. Make sure you contact your employment agency on a regular basis to discuss the latest employment options. Have a standing appointment with a representative of the company and ask them to contact you with updates regularly.

3. Discuss Job Options in Detail

Another leading mistake that many make during their work with employment agencies is they don’t discuss job opportunities in detail with the company’s representatives. This can mean that when you arrive at the office of your new company, you don’t have a clear understanding on your working role. You might also be taking on work that doesn’t suit your long-term career path. And so, if you’re trying to find a meaningful position, it’s important that you ask questions when assessing job options.

4. Listen to All Offers

It’s important that when you’re working with the employment agency that you don’t dismiss any offers out of hand. Oftentimes the employment agency will have more information than you on the company and the job that they’re advertising and this might mean they are in a better position to match you with your ideal position. Take the time to listen to the offer from the company and make sure that you make a decision based on all the information available.

5. Consult with Others

Before making a decision on an offer from an employment agency, make sure you consult with your friends and family about the opportunities available. They can help you to make the right decision about an offer, and run through the pros and cons of the offer with you. This process can help give you peace of mind about accepting the opportunity.

6. Keep Contact with the Company During the Work

Even after finding a job through the employment agency, it’s important that you’re able to maintain contact with their team to ensure any issues can be quickly resolved. The agency is there to help represent you to the employer, and can therefore act as a guide throughout your employment with the new firm.

Make sure your employment agency is working for your future career requirements. Follow the guidance in this post and find a local agency ready to represent you and help guide you forward in the job marketplace.

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