If you are not sure if all the emails sent to your group mailboxes are being answered quickly and professionally, email workflow management might be the solution for you.

Using the right email workflow management software can bring you many benefits for your business. Here are 8 of them.

1. Improving your efficiency

Many businesses simply have no idea whether all the emails they receive in their group mailboxes are being answered promptly or not. If this is your case, you can improve your efficiency with an email workflow management software by making sure every customer receives the right answer at the right time.

2. Improving your email processes

The right email workflow management software will also help improve the email processes of your business by streamlining your operations. The answers to the questions you might be asking yourself about your email processes with be easy to find, and your customers will quickly receive the answers to their questions as well.

3. Reducing errors

Your email workflow management system will let you know without a doubt which emails have been replied to, and which ones still need an answer. Each member of the team will know what they have to do, so no email will be ignored, or replied to by more than one representative.

4. Reducing costs

With the right email workflow management software, your employees can work faster, more efficiently, and with less errors. This means you can reduce your operation costs, and that you will not need to hire any additional representatives to help you deal with your email backlog.

5. Making email tracking easier

If you wish you could efficiently track the emails that are sent from, and received in your group mailboxes, an email workflow management software can do this for you. Email tracking will let you know which member of your team worked on each email, and when. It will also let you know if your customers opened the emails they received.

6. Making reporting easier

Email workflow management can also make reporting easier for you. It will help you run reports on the number of emails you receive, and on which products or services are concerned by these emails. You will also learn more about the performance of your team as they process these emails.

7. Increasing customer satisfaction

Your customers write to you because they need answers to their questions, or because they would like more information about your products or services. If you can respond to their emails quickly, with the information they need, they will feel valued as customers and they will be more likely to keep doing business with you.

8. Increasing employee satisfaction

Email workflow management can also increase the satisfaction of your employees. The software will be simplifying their tasks and making it easier for them to handle the emails they receive every day, and they will feel like the work they are accomplishing is meaningful and important, and like they are making a positive difference in your business.

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