Vehicle rental companies are unlimited. You have so many options, deals and vehicle choices. This has made it difficult to differentiate reputable rental companies from others that offer inadequate service.

A reputable car rental company offers you specific types and different size vehicles to meet your needs for a getaway, permanent move, transporting purchased furniture, towing a boat or taking a long road trip. They listen to your needs and discuss all the options they can offer to work within your budget. Their vehicles are reliable, suited, maintained, insured and safe to drive.

Here are a few important tips to use when selecting the right rental company:

1. Same day rentals

There are vehicle rental companies that require a few days’ notice and an upfront payment to assign a vehicle. These companies cannot cater to your last minute request and are likely to refuse you or charge you a higher rate. Not all companies are the same. In fact, there are rental companies that offer a vehicle the same day. They have a large fleet of vehicles that enable them to offer a range of vehicles even for a last minute request.

2. Various type of vehicles

The rental company has a range of high quality cars, trucks and vans for specific requirements. They have a range of economical, compact, luxury and premium vehicles. You get to choose the vehicle you prefer. The various vehicle types are listed on their website with the specifications. They have recent model vehicles all serviced regularly.  This makes it easy for you to browse and make an informed decision on the suited vehicle for your trip or move. If you require more information, the staff have a full list of the vehicles in stock and can suggest a few options. This will help you make a good decision on the vehicle you need, especially when uncertain about the load space for a move.

3. Comprehensive insurance

Reputable rental companies first check if your personal auto insurance covers you during a rental. They allow you to get back to them with this information before presenting you with their comprehensive insurance package that covers vehicle crashes, theft, damages to the vehicle including the driver and passengers, and damages to the other vehicle including the driver and passengers.

4. One way rental options

With a wide regional presence, you do not have to worry about driving back to return the vehicle. Not all rental companies offer this option. If you are travelling to a new location to study at university or moving permanently, you want to be sure that you have the one-way rental option as part of your package.

5. Offers reasonable promotions and deals

There are many attractive deals and promotions especially for loyal customers. For example, if you have rented a vehicle for any two weekends, you can get the third weekend free. They also offer reward points that are redeemable with future rentals.

6. Several service locations

They have locations all across the region making it easy to drop off the vehicle in a different location. Their website can indicate the various branch locations as a map view.

7. Roadside assistance

The rental company understands that there are the potential roadblocks such as losing the keys, running out of gas or a tire burst. They offer roadside protection and assistance as part of your rental package.

8. Affordable prices for reliable vehicles

The rental prices are affordable with no hidden fees. You also benefit from unbeatable prices with their promotions and daily deals. All this with a comfortable, modern, safe and reliable vehicle. Try to avoid selecting a vehicle rental company based on the price.

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