Sit and think for a moment: how many times have you gone to use your office printer only to find it’s not working properly? The toner is low, the paper jams, or there’s some other mysterious problem that you can’t quite seem to figure out. Sound familiar? Maybe your problem is a lack of proper maintenance for the business printer.

Work can grind to a halt if the printer isn’t working properly, so it’s hugely important to stay on top of service and regular maintenance.

1. Turn Off the Power

Before you start doing anything to the printer like cleaning or maintaining it, be sure to turn it off. This will save you, and the equipment, from being injured or damaged in an electrical accident.

2. Keep a Stock of Toner Ready

This is one regular maintenance item that is often overlooked. When you keep one or two toner cartridges on-hand, you’ll never have to suffer a pause in work when the toner runs out.

Read the manual and check with the manufacturer to make sure you’re using the best toner and paper for your office printer. When you use low-quality paper you get more of a build-up of dust inside the machine, which leads to a higher need for maintenance.

3. Clean it Regularly

Clean the copier on a regular basis to extend its life expectancy and will ensure your printed, copied, and scanned documents are clean and crisp. You can clean the glass with glass cleaner; just be sure to spray onto a piece of soft cloth rather than directly onto the glass.

Inside, wipe away any visible dust. You can use a small paint brush to clean the inner components of dust and debris. Dust the paper trays and anywhere else paper dust can collect. Always turn off the machine before you clean it!

4. Load Paper Regularly

Don’t just jam paper into the paper trays. Follow the instructions for loading paper and do not ever put wet or folded paper into the machine.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance Service Checks

Because it’s a work machine and there are a lot of different people who use it, your printer is going to take a beating. There are parts of the printer/copier you can’t reach to clean, so you will need to have regularly scheduled maintenance visits if you want to keep the machine in tip-top working order. This will extend the life of your printer and ensure your office always has printed and copied pages on demand.

6. Check the Connection Between Networked Devices

Part of maintaining your printer is to maintain your network that connects your computers to your printer. Verify your connection is stable and prevent connection problems that could potentially hang up a project.

7. Instruct Your Staff on Proper Use

Don’t assume all your employees know about using office equipment. You could have newer hires who have never been exposed to business machines. Be sure they understand proper procedures to avoid mistakes or damages to the machine.

8. Recognize When You Need an Expert

Know your limits; when you try to fix a problem that is bigger than your capabilities, you could make it much worse than if you had left it to an expert.

You don’t have to know all the answers! Keep a good relationship with your office supply person and copy machine maintenance person, and you’ll always have good help just a phone call or email away.

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