It’s no secret that your warehouse needs effective material handling solutions, and that the right forklift can help your employees increase their productivity. Here are 8 tips to help you choose the right forklift for your needs.

1. Consider your work environment

Before you get in touch with a provider of material handling solutions and equipment, consider your work environment. Will you mostly be using your forklift outdoors or indoors? What is the floor of your warehouse like? Knowing this will help you select the right forklift.

2. Think about height and width

To select the right height of forklift, you need to think about any height restrictions there might be in your warehouse. You also need to consider the width of your aisles, as you wouldn’t want to purchase a forklift that wouldn’t be able to circulate everywhere in your warehouse.

3. Keep in mind your average load size and weight

Another important thing to consider is the maximum lift capacity of the forklift. Keep in mind the size and the weight of your average load, and think about the heaviest type of load you could have to lift. You need to make sure the forklift you choose will be able to meet your requirements.

4. Think about how often you will use your forklift

Will you be using your forklift all day long, everyday, or only a few hours each week? Knowing this will help you make your choice, as you will certainly not want to pay a fortune for a forklift that you will only use once in awhile.

5. Compare different options to power your forklift

Forklifts can be powered by electricity, by gas or by fuel. Each option has some advantages. Electric forklifts are generally more expensive, but their operating costs are much lower. Forklifts powered by gas or fuel, on the other hand, are able to lift bigger and heavier loads.

6. Take a moment to consider the tires

There are different types of tires available for forklifts. Solid tires, pneumatic tires, and non-marking white tires are three of your options, so choose the ones that will work well in your warehouse while meeting your needs for efficiency and safety.

7.  Don’t forget about safety and comfort

The forklift your choose should ensure the safety of your employees, but also their comfort, especially if they are going to use it for many hours in a row each day. Look for a model with adjustable seating and seat belts, and controls that are simple and easy to use.

8. Decide if you want a new forklift or a used one

If you expect to be using your forklift many hours each day, you should consider purchasing or leasing a brand new one. However, if you will only be using it occasionally, it could be a good idea to purchase a used forklift in good condition.

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