Paper shredding is a simple yet effective way to protect the security, the reputation and the revenues of your business. But how much do you know about paper shredding? Do you know when the first paper shredder was invented?

Here are 9 interesting facts about paper shredding.

1. The first paper shredder was invented in 1906

The first paper shredding machine was invented in 1906 by an American entrepreneur and inventor named Abbot Augustus Low. Even though he successfully filed a patent for his invention in 1909, his paper shredder was never manufactured.

2. A different paper shredder was manufactured in 1935

A German engineer named Adolf Ehinger manufactured a paper shredding machine that resembled a hand crank pasta maker in 1935. He created this machine to get rid of the anti-Nazi propaganda he was printing in his free time, but his invention quickly became popular.

3. The first paper shredders only produced long strips of paper

The first models of paper shredding machines were producing long, thin strips of paper. But patient and meticulous identity thieves with a lot of time on their hands were able to recover the sensitive information that was shredded. Eventually, technology evolved, and crosscut shredding is now safer.

4. The biggest paper shredders can shred anything

The biggest paper shredding machines have a big appetite. They are able to easily shred through rubber bands, staples, binder clips, and hanging file folders. If you are using a small office paper shredder, however, you should make sure you are only feeding it with paper.

5. Shredded paper can be fully recycled

Paper shredding can help protect you and your business, but it can also help the environment. Indeed, shredded paper can be recycled and turned into new paper, or into items such as egg cartons, toilet paper, and more. Paper shredding helps save trees!

6. A lot of paper is being used everyday

In average, an office worker will use 10,000 sheets of paper each year. Even though not all of these documents will contain confidential information, it might become difficult to tell which documents should be shredded, and which ones can safely be placed into a recycling bin.

7. A Certificate of Destruction is a legal document

Many paper shredding companies will provide their customers with a Certificate of Destruction after each service. The purpose of this legal document is to ensure them that their sensitive documents were completely destroyed, according to the highest standards in the industry.

8. Destroying paper is not enough

Today, businesses are using and managing information that is stored digitally. Electronic data is still an interesting target for identity thieves, and this is why many paper shredding companies are also offering hard drive and media destruction services to their customers.

9. Some documents should never be shredded

Shredding paper documents that contain sensitive information can help protect the security of businesses, as well as individuals. However, some documents should never get shredded, including birth and death certificayes, marriage licenses, divorce papers, social security cards, and copies of wills.

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