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Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Radhika Pandit show on Suvarna channel
Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Village lads lands in the city? Yes that's the new show which will air on Suvarna channel from Monday to Friday at 8pm.

Suvarna channel launched a new reality show "Halli Hyda Pyatege Banda" which literally means Village lads lands in the city! This show will be anchored by award winning actress Radhika Pandit .
Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Radhika Pandit Show
Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Radhika Pandit Show
Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Radhika Pandit Show
After the success of Pyate Hudgir Halli Lifu, the channel has come with this new concept where eight rural boys comes to the city with eight city girls and gets trained by the girls and how they survive in the competitive city.
ICARE Live welcomes Halli Hydas to Bangalore lifu...


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Comments on this Article
natesh, Fri, October-29-2010, 12:20
Hi. all the best for all the contestants
Nagaraj.R, Nada guddengadi Fri, October-29-2010, 5:55
Wish u best of luck < Rajesh & aishu >
Arthi, Bangalore Fri, October-22-2010, 8:32
HHPB very good reality show & wish to Rajesh & Aishwarya. Best of luck.
Rajanna , Malur Fri, October-22-2010, 9:11
Hi Suvarna, and Hi Radika Pandit, I like this show very much and my favorite contestants are Ishu and Rajesh(Sathya harichandra alias Kuntare kuraba and nintare kiruba)
cherry , bangalore Fri, October-22-2010, 4:17
Sexy show,, full masthi,awesome show, come Suvarna go on, give good shows like this. All the Best
santhosha, kundapur Mon, October-4-2010, 5:38
hai.........SUVARNA>>>>> my best program... & my fav pepole are RAJESH&AISHU... so best of luck for your PROGRAM..........
Praveen kumar S, Bangalore Thu, September-30-2010, 8:57
Hi i wacthing your program i like this program but yesterday rajesh left from your program he is very bed gay so i reqvesting you dont give chence back rajesh & dont yeleminet ishwarrya pls give me one chence to nagaraj or anether one gays
pavithra, bangalore Fri, October-1-2010, 1:43
hello , the mentors are educated and cultured , they shuld behave like a well cultured , hw dare they are to beat the guys who came frm forests. it is to bad on the girls .
brinda, banglore Sat, October-23-2010, 10:09
i like rajeh & aishwarya best of luck
sowmya, bangaloru srinivas nagar Sun, October-24-2010, 11:58
Hi Rajesh&Aishu all the best..........And Love U Sooooo much
jeevan, banglore Mon, October-25-2010, 10:56
Dear rajesh & Aishu plz try 2 under stand each other u can rock the show dhs is my humble request....
Syed, Bangalore Sun, October-10-2010, 5:56
I like this show very much and my favorite contestants are Shruthi and Raj Kumar.
Deva&Terance, avalahalli ,banashankari 3rdst bangalore-85 Fri, October-29-2010, 9:54
hai, "hallihaida pyateegbanda"from suvarna chanel i hope that your program had made some places in the hearts of the people at this generation that at least it made a way to watch kannada chanel once per a may continue from next prgm "pyatemandi kadigeebandru"
RAJU, Fri, October-29-2010, 11:58
HI. The programme is going very wel. my fav contestant is aishu & rajesh. Realy thy r doing wel. rajesh is little bit wild but he is realy gud. aisha dont scold him. i hope tht u can change his behaviour. nd all the best to both of u.
shilpa, bangalore Fri, October-29-2010, 12:10
It is really a good show..But city girls dont have patience to understand halli boys..They expect halli boys to behave like city guys and the way city girls speak to them is very bad..They treat halli hydhas like slaves.
raj, bangalore Wed, October-27-2010, 6:19
Guys...HHPB is a very good program but anchor akul is very bad in kannada..instead srujan/dileepraj would have been fantastic...& even radhika pandit is just a showpiece who is not even 10% of wht sudeep did in PHHL..Hope, in next adventorous programme these two will not be available...& one more thing, already akul has created hype & favouritism on aishu & surprises, if they win the contest
Nagendra Prasad, Bangalore Thu, October-28-2010, 7:57
My best program & My favorite Rajesh&Aishu.... Best of luck
Shiva, Bangalore Tue, October-26-2010, 4:27
Hai suvarna chanele pleese win rajesh&aish
Darshini, bangalore Wed, October-27-2010, 5:43
Hai suvarna channel halii hyda pyatege banda programe is very very nice i like RAJESH & AISHU DONT ELIMINATE THIS COUPLLE.
rishu, bangalore Wed, October-13-2010, 6:21
hi i regularlly watch this programe,i feel there is a lots of attention towards rajesh from whole team including akul,this is not fair,and akul being a host of the show need to improve a lot when it comes to giving coments,its good to be balanced mind,coz we dont know how he takes an issue,sometimes serious issue is taken lightly and simple issue is taken seriously,anyways good job by suvarna ppl keep rocking
pavan, karwar Tue, October-26-2010, 5:39
good luck for rajesh
suresh.v.k, bangalore Tue, October-26-2010, 6:54
Hi,myslef and my family my wife & 5 yrs old daughter are regular watchers of suvarna chanel from 7pm to 10pm and very much intrested in patege banda halli haida,,,akul not to the expectation he dances for all the tunes and not balanced he favours rajesh very my knowledge rajkumar and shruthi are the best pair to win the title i wish them the best,,,,to all other contenders the very best radhika pandit is used as a stamp pad for such a modle a bigger appearence shoul be given
Rajani, Bang Thu, October-14-2010, 9:42
I hope everyone came to know the partiality between Halli Hydas in Suvarna Channel
Latha Kiran, Mysore Mon, October-18-2010, 9:02
Hi I regularly watching this programme its very nice but somewhere it takes very serious task but i like A J (arpitha ) she is very active girl but her companion halli hyda manjunath is not suit to her so she loose her points its very sad to me any how they are not eleminate god bless her thnk you
divakar, banglor Tue, October-19-2010, 1:31
Manju dev, Sakleshpur,....Hassan Sun, October-31-2010, 8:52
best of luck AISHU & RAJESH
Harish.V, Bangalore Wed, October-20-2010, 8:23
Hi Halli Hyda pyateg banda program very nice this is very great job from suvarna team akul balaji did nice acction rajesh(sathyaharishchandra) so cute thank you suvarnatv
sachin, banglore Thu, October-28-2010, 9:07
i like this reality show very much &i rajesh&aishu bye ..............
sachin, banglore Thu, October-28-2010, 9:09
I like this reality show very much
radhika, mysore Tue, November-2-2010, 7:09
hi "m not agree for this results ......"m very disopointed. chandini nd nagendra rocks ..
Supritha, Bangalore Thu, October-28-2010, 2:10
My Fav show & All the best to Rajesh & Aishu. Best show & I like Akul.
Thulasidhar, Bangalore Fri, October-29-2010, 8:21
I like this show very much and my favorite contestants are Shruthi and Raj Kumar.
Kavitha , Manjeshwar Thu, October-21-2010, 10:42
Best Of Luck RAJESH&AISHU........
Gauravg, Bangalore Sun, October-31-2010, 11:37
Hi this is gaurav from bangalore . . . I luv very much of this show HALLI HYDA PYATEG BANDA . Its running terry successful and today is Grand finale of this show so plz see this program and enjoy this show. . .it rocks . . . AND BEST ME LUCK SHRUTHI AND RAJKUMAR. . .
BHARATH (stunner), bangalore Tue, November-2-2010, 12:09
hai am bharath am watching (HHPB) this reality show on every day i enjoyed lot thanks for suvarna channel all staf wish you all the best my dream girl (aysu)&rajesh
JAGADISH NAIK, village-Nesargi,dist-belguam,taq-bailhongal Mon, November-8-2010, 2:06
Hi suvarna,hi akul,hi radhika, nange nagendra & chandani ebru thumba ne esta,adre win agbekirodu nagendra & chandani.......? adreee alli agirode bere alvaaaaa......? edu nange swalpanu esta aglilla so sooooo soo sory my fvrt nagendra & chandani cheeeeeeee
RKPRAJVAL, BANGLORE Wed, November-10-2010, 3:43
nithin crasta, manglore Tue, November-16-2010, 4:56
hi,,, in this progrem spciealiy i like apoorva.. she is the telanted girl please give my best regards to her, an my mail plssssssssss
manjunath, hubli Thu, December-2-2010, 7:58
Nice show... Expecting more reality shows
Kiran, Kolar Thu, December-9-2010, 10:24
Hi akul,radhika & entire suvarna channel team. It was a nice reality show, In future should repeat this type of shows in different way. Patel hudgi halli life also good Thanks to suvarna entire team
anand, udupi Wed, December-22-2010, 10:33
Rajesh is rocking
shankar, mysore Fri, December-24-2010, 1:26
halihaida petege banda it was great programme in suvarna channel histroy
santu, bangalore Mon, January-10-2011, 6:19
supper show....
Manjunath, India Sat, May-28-2011, 8:30
Hi suvarna tv halli hydha pyateg bandha is a super reality show i like chandini and buss nagendra
Santosh, Haveri Mon, June-27-2011, 7:29
Halli hyda pyatege banda was really a good show
manjunath, tumkur Fri, December-30-2011, 2:12
i love pair of ishu and rajesh