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About ICARE Live


ICARE Live web portal incorporated with instant news, information and happenings around the globe. The main purpose of this web portal is to provide every possible news and information to general public. The world is moving in a considerable speed. Everyone in this planet likes to read, listen and watch the happenings instantly.  The only quickest and easiest way of getting the news and information to the public is electronic news. In fact the web media is more popularised than other electronic media because of easy accessibility



ICARE Media considered the necessity of simplified news, and information hence, developed the elegant way of communicating to large scale of people.





ICARE Live web portal not only dedicated to provide news and information to the globe but the local affairs like developing the young people as journalists, sports personalities, young talents. ICARE Media strive to honour the people who invested their life span and the energy to develop and educate the people but not recognised by any other organisation.





ICARE Media is targeting the 650 million (between age group 20 to 30 years) young dynamic Indians along with the global young community. These young people are the future of this world and the wealth of our globe. The ICARE Media determined to make this world as close community with the young dynamic people.